We came in contact with Adina when we queried her for getting some info about a vacant lot through Zillow. We were impressed with the promptness of her response and the detailed information she provided about the lot. We spent a good amount of time searching for our home and she was very patient and guided us very well throughout the process. She was always on our side protecting us from getting into any transaction which might cause us headaches later. She is very thorough with the paperwork and make sure that you are safe every time. Knowing that somebody is working for your interests and you can wholeheartedly trust that person is a great relief!

It was amazing that she responded to all our questions so fast! She works 24×7 and is very proactive. The market was very hot when we were searching for the home. She would try very hard to get us to see the property as soon as possible before anybody else. This would help us to prepare and put the offer before anybody else and would greatly increase our chances of winning a bid.

She is an extremely good negotiator and was always working for our interest. She has very strong work ethics and is very thorough with all the real estate laws. I have never met anybody like her before who is as prompt as she is and protect you at every step of the purchase. With Adina on our side, we felt really safe dealing with the other party. After one or two showings, like any great realtor, she knew exactly what we are looking for. It saved us a lot of time as we would only see properties which would match our taste. It was a great time saver which is very important when you have kids.

She is very friendly and treat you like her own family. Both my kids are very fond of her and always point to her office and calls her name whenever we drive past her office. Thanks to her, in the end we found a great house, exactly what we were looking for!

Balwinder Singh

Thanks Adina! You are a great person and a great friend. You are awesome at what you do. We consider ourselves very lucky that we found you early on. We strongly recommend her to anybody who is looking for a very friendly, knowledgeable realtor whom they can trust wholeheartedly.

Adina Brooke is honest and was always right there when we needed her or had questions. She is a bulldog in a good way, lol! Buying a home is scary thing and working with her, we felt looked after and safe. I think the most amazing thing about her is that, besides knowing her business, she is very real. I respect her as a realtor but my husband and I respect her as a person as well. (No she didn’t pay me to write this!). If we ever decide to sell and buy again or have friends in the same position…she is my gal. Hands down an amazing realtor.

Lisa Miller

Adina was extremely helpful in our home buying experience. Her work was made all the more important because we were buying a home through the Veterans Administration home loan process, and were living over 2,000 miles away during the purchase proceedings. Her knowledge of, and assistance in, the purchase details gave us a lot of confidence and peace of mind in such a major purchase as this. We would highly recommend her.

Ruth Honold

Adina is the most well prepared and hardest-working realtor I have ever worked with. She went far above and beyond my expectations to help me find the perfect home for me. I’m very thankful I was able to work with Adina. My experience couldn’t have been better.

Ray Stroup

Adina was awesome! She conducts herself in a professional manner and was extremely knowledgable. Made the buying experience very easy and smooth. She didn’t stop working until she found us the perfect house.

Mark Hutchins

To whom it may concern, I’m thankful that I have this opportunity to attest to the quality of character of my forever Realtor and friend Adina Brooke. Home buying for me was far from an easy adventure and I was very lucky to have found such a strong, knowledgeable, ethical, generally caring and a spitfire of a Realtor like Adina. She always made herself available for showing properties, to provide me with advice, made me laugh and to set me up with a good lender who was understanding of my needs and financial situation. Unfortunately, I had a very difficult time getting a home offer accepted due to not always giving the best offer. Adina never gave me a hard time or gave up on me even though she submitted numerous offers on my behalf. She was always kind spirited when she called to inform me the offer was denied and she never let me give up hope. (Although I think I may have aged her a few extra years, but it was all worth it in the end) Once an offer was accepted Adina was generally concerned that the property was safe and set me up with a very quality home inspector who was also very knowledgeable and helpful. In my opinion, you will not find a better Realtor. I look forward to many many more opportunities to work with Adina Brooke in the future.

Levi Glatt

Adina was amazing, we where merging two families so we had to sell both our houses and close on the new house all at the same time. Obviously this is an extremely stressful situation and Adina came through all the way. Adina was very forthcoming with the process and we felt very confident in her, not to mention all the little miracles she was able to pull off. Thanks Adina and Markel properties!

Nick Barber

Adina is an AWESOME agent! She went above and beyond for our family to ensure that we would have a home to move our children into once we arrived to the area. She was willing to show us houses on a holiday weekend, which was the only time my spouse and I could both view homes together and literally worked around the clock so we could close on time (some of her emails said 11:00 PM on them). Adina is passionate about her work and has the expertise to work through any hurdle to get you moved into your new home.

Theresa Stahl

My Dad always told me “if you have the right tool, it makes any job easier.” Adina is that “right” tool! She has a strong knowledge of the real estate market and has built a mutually strong and respected relationship with lenders, inspectors and fellow realtors. When encountering a road bump, Adina reacts immediately to keep forward progression. One main attribute about her that sets her apart from many people in the business world today – she takes her role personal. Adina invests herself fully in helping a person make the decision that is best for them.

Arla Smith

Adina knows her job! I highly recommend her. She told us what we need to do to sell our home like upgrades and painting. She would come by and check on the home and she would do walk thru with us and let us know if we needed to do anything else. She is professional and is friendly to work with.

Priscilla Cantu

My wife and I listed our house with Adina Brooke of Markel Properties and our house sold in about a month. Adina is a fantastic agent as she knows the housing market inside and out. What impressed me about Adina is that she is always available if you call her and is open to suggestions. I would use Adina in any future real estate transactions.

Larry Suite

Before I start the story and get into details, she is a great person. We owe our dream home to her. She is the best and cant go wrong with her. She has good working knowledge of the real estate market, exactly knows what to look for and to keep you out of trouble. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone. Goes beyond herself to help out and make sure things are right for you.

We started working with Adina to get our first home. Our plan was to get a old home but looking at all the options, finally decided to build. She was there with us all the way from selecting builders, deciding the lot, even choosing colors, materials and every small detail. She had great input for almost everything, especially since we wanted to keep the house resale-able. Even during the build process there were a few hiccups but she worked it out for us and we never had to get involved in any of that. Also she went out of her way to keep us updated, send pics on email and also kept an eye out for us to make sure the build was going right as we were out of country for almost the entire period. I am 100% sure no one else would do this and was way beyond what was expected of her.

She is very responsive and always available. She also is a very thorough person and the way she helped us write up the contract with all the details, modifications and upgrades was amazing. I was very impressed with that.

Now we have moved into our home happy and content and its due to her that building a home seemed a piece of cake.

We have a dream place and a wonderful friend for life. Thanks a ton.

Ketan Kale

You walk into a home you believe is perfect. You think it’s a great price. You think it’s a good neighborhood. You think the resell value will be strong….. Willing to bet six figures on a 30 year mortgage? Adina held our hand throughout the entire process. She knows exactly what to look for in a good investment as well as a good home. We are so glad that we met Adina. She quickly proved herself committed to not just a sale, but finding us a home that we would be happy living in. Adina genuinely wants to be proud of the ‘house’ she helped make a ‘home.’ Adina became a close friend that we would strongly recommend for all home buyers/sellers. There is nothing more scary and intimidating as entering the real estate market for the first time. With Adina by your side you aren’t alone.

Kirk Bishop

Adina Brooke was amazing throughout the entire process of helping us finding and purchasing our dream home. We came from California to visit and fell in love with the tricities so we decided to see a few properties that we found on zillow. We were first time buyers so we were really nervous on making the right steps to find our dream home. Thank god we found Adina she made the process of buying the house like a walk on the beach on a summer day. Adina is really knowledgeable and takes pride on what she does. She was really fast answering all my calls and always answering my hundreds of cuestions 🙂 . I would defenetly recommend Adina to any body looking to buy a house or trying to sell a property trust me you’ll be glad. I would describe Adina as a GOOD HARTED, HARD WORKING AND HONEST PERSON. We consider Adina as our family friend. Thanks Adina for making our trip to buying our dream home a fun ride…..:-)

Ignacio Tellez

Adina Brooke, agent with Markel Properties, was our selling agent. She assisted us through several difficult challenges in our eventually successful sale. Adina always responded to our questions and always followed up on things that needed action or attention. She is undoubtedly one of the hardest-working agents around. We would be glad to recommend her to anyone needing to buy or sell real estate

Rick & Shirley Reeves

In May of 2013, I arrived in the Tri-Cities (after leaving my home in LA) with one U-Haul truck of furniture. The agent I had chosen and the homes I had seen on-line were both a disappointment. I had been working with Markel Properties for at least 2 months before leaving LA, so to keep me, poor Adina was assigned to handle me. Handle me she did! I gave her my list of wants and in 2 afternoons she showed me the good, the bad and the ugly. At the end of the second afternoon we found my “home”. The minute we entered, I knew I was home. Adina, being concerned that I was being hasty (I was living in a hotel) made me take a couple days to cool off, pointed out things that were different from my list or not there at all, but even with the differences I knew this was my house and I would make it my home. I have been here for 1 1/2 years and am just settling in and on that day when the snow falls and the fire is going I will be thanking God for sending Adina to me.

Patty Bell

Adina Brooke by my opinion is the best realtor out there! She will not let you buy out of desperation or settle for less than what you want or are looking for. She points out flaws and makes sure everything is how it should be if the house or property is not up to par she will let you know it and believe me there are a ton of homes that are substandard on the market so pick Adina and be patient. Thanks for getting me in my Home finally 🙂 I will be sending you a gift soon as i get settled. Douglas

Douglas Taylor

Here’s my story: I was working out of state when a rental contract ended. I couldn’t make it back to perform the final walkthrough and I asked my mother to do it for me. I didn’t feel comfortable having her go alone so based off a recommendation from a friend I called Adina Brooke if she would be willing to help me out. She was very supportive of me and my circumstances. She made time for me and helped me. I knew at that moment she was the one, my real estate agent. After the walk through I asked her if she would take on the burden of selling my home that the renters were in. She agreed and was on top of it. Now remember I was still out of state and couldn’t be there. The renter’s caused damage in the house and I was receiving push back from them and the person who was suppose to “manage” my property. Miss Brooke stepped up and took control of the situation. She was available for my phone calls on my schedule (I was 3 hours ahead on Eastern time), she kept me informed of everything going on, and she put me at ease during the process. I remember her telling me that if I take her on, I have to do what she says in order to sell my house. She told me what needed to happen and I hired contractors to fix and repair the home. Now here’s the best part, I trusted her and what she recommended even though it cost me some extra money but my house was on the market for 10 days and I had a serious offer that was so close to my asking price that it would have been foolish to turn it down. Not only did Miss Brooke aid me in getting my home sale worthy, she sold it in record time! Talk about a fantastic agent! I highly recommend anyone who is thinking of selling to call her first and only. I wouldn’t call anyone else.

Jedidiah Emich

Adina Brooke with Markel Properties was wonderful to work with! She listened to what I wanted and helped make my home ownership dream come true. Adina was straightforward about the home buying process and made every step smooth as possible. If you are looking for a real estate agent who will go the extra mile to keep you on the right track and informed, Adina is it!

Aimee Glasow

We are so very lucky to have found Adina. She is an extremely hard working individual. She helped us thru every step of the way. She taught us everything we needed to actually buy a house (the do’s and don’ts). She looked out for us and for our needs. I recommend Adina to anyone who is looking for a real estate agent. She has now become a lifetime friend!

Jessy Humble

Adina was great helping us find our first home. We greatly appreciated her promptness in answering our emails, phone calls, and text messages. We were always able to see homes quickly and were impressed how Adina is so flexible and works late hours/weekends in order to accommodate your needs. Her honesty and attention to details make her a great person to work with.

Gina Morgan

Adina was great to work with. She always made us feel comfortable to ask our many questions and was very prompt in responding. She went above and beyond to help us find the home we were looking for and made sure we were happy. During the time that we worked with Adina, we felt that she was honest and looking out for our best interest.

Griselda Garcia

I would Highly recommend Adina Brooke for a real estate agent. She is highly knowledgeable about the real estate market, super easy to work with including contacting, scheduling appointments, and answering questions. Since it was our first home buying experience she made it painless by doing all the hard work and educated us on the process of what to expect and the time frame. She even helped us find a lender that works with her frequently and has a outstanding closure rating with them. This made it comforting knowing that we were being taken care of on both ends and our best interest were being looked out for. She was more than accommodating when it came to finding listings not only in the locations we were looking to buy but what we were looking to get out of our first home. Was able to answer all of our questions and even asked questions from the listing agents that we wouldn’t have thought of. She definitely works hard for your benefit. Also our 2 year old son would ask about her as she was sure to include everyone in the process.

Dave Noga

My husband and I were looking to buy a home when we came across this wonderful lady ..her professionalism and her knowledge are a plus ..We highly recommend Adina Brooke a very professional real estate agent who is always looking over Your best interest..she is very helpful and very friendly..She is a great person to work with, she knows this market like no other..if you ever need help buying or selling, Adina is the right person to go to you won’t be disappointed we promise..

Mayra Mendez

I met with two different Real Estate Agents from a different company before I found out about Adina from Markel Propeties. I had to let them go because I did not feel that they were trying very hard to get me the best deal. In addition, I did not feel very comfortable with them which made the hunt for our first home that much more stressful. It seemed to me that all they cared about was to make a fast sell and weren’t really listening to our needs. I had already been looking for a house for about 2 months when I found out about Adina on a website. I was sold when I saw the long list of good reviews she had. I emailed her, she replied almost immediately. She showed us a house that we fell in love with, but the house was slightly over our budget. Adina was such a great negotiator that she not only managed to get them to drop down the price, but also had the seller pay closing costs and pay for a one year warranty. Throughout the pending sale of the house Adina was always on time, very aggressive (in a good way), answer my calls almost every time and if not she was very prompt to returned my calls, and worked around our schedule. Adina is very dedicated to her work she genuinely cares about her clients and gets things done accurately and efficiently making the search of a home a fun process. My fiancée and I were really blessed to find such a great Real Estate Agent. We definitely recommend her services!

Richard Razo

I’ll start by saying that our home buying experience was very painful! Murphy’s Law was literally around every corner and many times we heard “that’s the first time this has happened” (from the Bank, Title Company, ect.) Despite all the trouble I don’t want to think about how it would have gone with someone else. Adina has the knowledge and experience to know just what to do. I’ll never use someone else again. Thank you Adina for your professionalism and being a pleasure to work with!

Cyle Smith

Adina has been an awesome agent. She provides the BEST service. She is a great negotiator and is very prompt. She has helped late at night and very early in the mornings not to mention on holidays and weekends she is a very hard worker!!!

Cynthia Rodriguez

Adina is great.she is on time and returns calls quickly. She when above and beyond too sell my home.do yourself a favor call her today. she even met me 100 miles from her home so. I could sign papers. Thanks adina

Stacy Startin

Adina worked hard to make us happy and meet our needs. She even helped us buy a “for sale by owner” home since it turned out to be the one that suited us the best. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a property in the Tri-Cities area.

Mark Spencer